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Use FishBizPlan to write your own commercial fishing business plan, for free!

Write a fishing business plan for free

Support a vital loan application...
Examine a re-engine project...
Think about direct marketing...

FishBizPlan helps you better understand your fishing business.
FishBizPlan is business planning tool designed just for fishermen!


Powerful Features

  • Fishing Specific Plan Types

    Start your plan by choosing either a traditional commercial fishing plan or a direct marketing fishing plan

  • Full-Feature Editor

    Our Plan Editor has all of features you expect and need

  • Helpful Tips

    We've included Helpful Tips to guide you through each section of your Plan

  • Industry Resources

    Useful resources to help write your plan from within the fishing industry

  •  Sample Plans

    Need help getting started? Check out the Sample Plan content in each section of your Plan

  • Collaboration

    Easily work with a Partner or Reviewer of your choice—give them access to edit and/or comment on your Plan

  • Mobile Ready

    Easily work on your Plan on any web-enabled device

  • PDF & DOC Output

    Easily save your Plan as PDF or DOC file for archiving & sharing

  • It's Free!

    What more can we say?

The FishBizPlan Team

FishBizPlan was developed by a team of fishing industry and business management experts from across the United States.

  • Dave Burrage

    Extension Professor
    Mississippi State University
    Mississippi - Alabama Sea Grant

  • Greg Fisk

    SeaFisk Consulting & Management LLC

  • Sarah Fisken

    Fisheries Education Coordinator
    University of Washington Sea Grant

  • Pete Granger

    Seafood Industry Specialist
    University of Washington Sea Grant

  • Dana Morse

    Marine Extension Associate
    University of Maine
    Maine Sea Grant

  • Sunny Rice

    Associate Professor
    Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program

  • Robert Craven

    Director & Extension Economist
    Center for Farm Financial Management -
    University of Minnesota

  • Kevin Klair

    Extension Economist
    University of Minnesota

  • Curtis Mahnken

    Extension Economist
    University of Minnesota

  • Jeff Reisdorfer

    Web Communications
    University of Minnesota

  • Laurie Dickinson



Thank You!

FishBizPlan was made possible by funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and from technical help from the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota.